At Cake Depot, quality baking is our top priority. From the brands we carry to the classes we offer, we guarantee quality every time. Join us for some educational, fun classes hosted weekly at our location.


Candy Apple Class

Learn how to make the perfect candy apples from start to finish.

Boozy Bake & Decorate

Celebrate with friends and family at this fun cake decorating class. 21+ only.

Cookie Decorating Class

Our Cookie Class will teach you how to make the perfect consistency Royal Icing, flooding techniques and designs. 

Beginners Buttercream class

Learn to properly torte/level a cake, ice a cake from start to finish, color buttercream, and properly apply borders using various decorating tips.

Dipped Treats Class

Learn to dip the following items, Oreo cookies, pretzels, and strawberries.

Caramel Treats Class

Learn to make their favorite caramel treats from start to finish.

Cake Pop Class

Learn how to mold, dip and decorate the perfect cake pop from start to finish.

Want to join our teaching team?